Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The moonlight & The Ocean

This is what I wanted, this is what I prayed for. This is what I can live for “The moonlight & the ocean”.

Do you guys know how beautiful you look?
Do you realize without moon an ocean is nothing but just vast of water?
The moment you two meet is the moment you make us love each other.

Don’t you believe me!

Come to my side, sit beside me and see the world I’m going to tell you; what you do to us.

The moment of love...
The moment of first touch...
The moment of feeling the breeze...

Walking side by you, touching of the waves shivers down the spine.
The sand playing with the feet, those waves just kiss and runs away. If this isn’t love, then what?
The moon following every step, is the moment of love; cloud can’t hide the moon; see its peeking through it…
Don’t stand still there, come hold my hand, let me walk you through the way.
The first brush of your finger on my skin trying to escape, don’t please!
This is what I want.

Come closer, let me smell you. Don’t shy away!

Hold me down and see the universe; isn’t it beautiful?

See, the moon smiling at us and the ocean dancing.

Don’t shy away! They are teasing us.

Looking into my eyes, playing with the hair; do you know how awesome you smell?
The breath is my neckline, the whisper in my ears, the first touch of your beard in my chick *ouch that’s tickle
This is the moment I always craved for.

Hold me tighter, lets see each other, please don’t close your eyes.
Witness the moment…
The first touch of your lips, was a desire to be fulfilled...
Don’t shy away…

Let the moon & the ocean witness our moment of love.
Let them see what they do to us!
Let them feel the moment of love!
Let them feel what we feel for them!

Isn’t this what I wanted all my life?!

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  1. You have expressed your feeling through words very well while reading this I felt like that i m near a stream at night and feeling the breeze of the stream